Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Smash365: Domestication

"Humans are dreaming all the time. Before we were born the humans before us created a big outside dream that we will call society’s dream or the dream of the planet. The dream of the planet is the collective dreams of billions of smaller, personal dreams, which together create a dream of a family, a dream of a community, a dream of a city, a dream of a country, and finally a dream of the whole humanity. The dream of the planet includes all of society’s rules, its beliefs, its laws, its religions, its different cultures and ways to be, its governments, schools, social events, and holidays." ~ Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements, “Domestication and the Dream of the Planet”

Do you accept fully Ruiz’ statement that humans are dreaming all the time? Write about your awareness and/or acceptance of Ruiz’ “dream of the planet” and your own domestication.

My Thoughts:

Unless you have read this book, you might not fully understand the term “dream” as Ruiz comprehends it.  He is not talking about dreaming in the sense of during sleep. 

I cannot disagree with his belief.  We have created this ‘reality’ in which we live.  The farther away humanity as a whole becomes separated from the Creator, God, Higher Power, Source, or the word of your choice, the more we live in an illusion of who we are and from where we came.  We lose our connection to our Soul or Spirit.  We lose our ‘Life Force’.  We lose our ‘Energy’.  We lose our ‘Light’. 

I believe this is why there is so much chaos in our world.  We have forgotten that everything we are, everything we have comes from our Creator. Our ‘domestication’ begins at birth when we are taught what our parents or caregivers ‘dream’ is the correct way to live, the correct way to view the world. 

We can continue to live in this illusion we have been given or we can begin our own search for our true Soul.  No other person can give us OUR connection to our Creator.  We have to search and find for ourselves that umbilical cord that is connected to our Creator while we are here on earth.  When we finally find that connection, we transform into who we are really meant to be.  We find that our main purpose in this life is to create love for all things and spread peace.  We learn to recognize that there are billions of umbilical cords coming from the same Source—that everything is connected and alive.

I cannot pretend to comprehend all the wisdom of Don Miguel Ruiz.  I agree with the four agreements he presents in this book.  I have read this book and continue to re-read it because every time I do, I learn more how to live as our Creator intends for us to live.

I believe that we learn to live as a ‘Soul’ from many sources.  Long ago I dropped the illusion that there is only one source of wisdom.  This works for me, but it may not work for others.  I believe we need to find whatever works for each of us to live with integrity and in the Light of our Creator.



Monday, October 17, 2011

Smash365: Purity Everything and Everyone is Connected

Smash365:  Purity

Everything in existence is a manifestation of the one living being we call God. Everything is God. . . Human perception is merely light perceiving light. . . .Matter is a mirror — everything is a mirror that reflects light and creates images of light — and the world of illusion, the Dream, is just like smoke which doesn’t allow us to see what we really are. ‘The real us is pure love, pure light.’” ~Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements

Take time today to observe a natural setting. While studying the grass, the trees, the sky, consider each as its own entity and not existing for our needs, our uses. Strip away the labels we have given these natural things, and then reflect on their individual beauty — a beauty that has nothing to do with human beings.

When you write, stay focused on the purity of each natural existence. What happens when we remove the man-made mist surrounding them?

My Thoughts:

“When we remove the man-made mist surrounding them,” the first veil drops from our sight and we finally see the reality of whom and what we are…we are also a part of the grass, the trees, the sky.  All is created with light and energy emanating from the Creator.  When we refuse to acknowledge this one and only reality our light dims and our energy lessens.  Life becomes full of trials and tribulations that are difficult if not impossible to overcome.  We feel alone and unloved.  Until we return to our true essence, our soul, we are not ALIVE.  WE MERELY EXIST.  Our human birth has made us forget our true identity.  We have become the ideas of our parents, our religion, and our cultures.  But, I believe we only have one identity and that is the one we came from as Spirit from our Creator.  Our goal in life is to become find and become that Soul and embody the life it is meant to live.



Sunday, October 2, 2011

Breathe life into my soul

All I really want is for the Creator to breathe life into my soul.  I want to feel alive.  I don’t want to feel dead anymore. 

While I may have been born many years ago, I have never felt alive; I have never lived my life.  It has always felt like I was on the outside of everything and everyone, watching but never participating. 

I want to be a part of life.   I want to belong.  I want to be. 

Why can I not feel this way?